Thursday, August 7, 2014

V for Vision: Moving Forward to Create a Better Future

What's the most dangerous thing for the human mind? Stop for a moment and think. What comes to your mind? The thing that comes to mine is complacency - the feeling of self-satisfaction that stops any thought of progress or innovation dead in its tracks.

'This is sufficient for our needs', 'We'll keep our eye out to see what everyone else does and then we'll make our move', 'Let's just revisit this a few years from now', 'No one is complaining, so why rock the boat?'

With the market evolving at the frenetic pace of the last decade, if you hear these words too often at work, the chances are your ship is already starting to sink … According to Gartner: by 2017, one third of current market leaders may be displaced as a result of an information crisis brought about by their inability to adapt to the information race.

And you know what else? Vast majority of software vendors are still on premise, and 71% of corporate buyers want to consume their services in the cloud. Guess what this means for the industry. It's true, there's still an opportunity with the dwindling number of corporate buyers staunchly looking for installation box sets. But while not every product is ideal for the cloud, installed client base will continue to erode. Office software is the poster child of things to come. 

I personally can only speak for the cloud software space. However, it seems that we're starting to fight technological complacency everywhere - from the outdated information sharing that slows down our scientific research, to the ending of our dependence on the old school (pun intended) teaching methodologies.

So, guess what? Complacency no longer means job security. Unless your objective is to watch the rapid degradation of value that you imagine you'll have 'forever', the status quo ended a long time ago. The next time you hear someone say those words @ work — in the words of the immortal Morticia Addams — Help them! After all, your future is a reflection of the effort you & others around you put in it.

What's your vision of getting ahead?

Rachel & the team

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