Thursday, June 5, 2014

Content Marketing - The Easy Way to Grow Awareness & Build Your Brand

Whether you're reading this because you know something about Content Marketing and you’re wondering how anyone could possibly claim that it's easy, or reading it in the hope of discovering how to get some recognition for all the thought leadership exercised by your growing organization, read on — there's something here for both of you.

For anyone who may be unaware, content marketing is a way of generating awareness and recognition by creating and sharing engaging and helpful media content related to your product or service. This can help to establish thought leadership, build relationships with a base of interested and committed fans. Content marketing as a core component of your social media strategy could maximize the impact of your other marketing, advertising, and sales efforts and ultimately drive more prospective customers your way.

Now for the hard part. With thousands and thousands of organizations relentlessly churning out relevant, informative, engaging content not unlike your own, how can you ensure that yours will rise above the deluge to reach your customers? Does this resonate with you when another helpful newsletter drops into your mailbox?

The answer may lie in the root of what drives a lot of decision making: human emotions. Sharing relevant information is all very well, but telling real human stories is the best way to build lasting emotional connections between you and your audience.

Why are you doing what you are doing? What compels you to embark on your path? Who is helping you? What difference will it make to the world? Of all the brilliant ideas out there, why should anyone care about yours? And once you get started, are you willing to share what obstacles do you encounter on your way (and what you did to address them)?

Bringing a little bit of yourself to the story will ensure that your readers don't see you as a nameless, faceless thought leader, but rather as a trusted adviser and someone they could relate to as well. This has been one of the most transformative journeys for us and we are excited and looking forward to whatever exciting new challenges we encounter on our way. Looking forward to sharing more in the upcoming posts! We invite you to join the dialogue and share your stories!!

Rachel & the team

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