Thursday, January 30, 2014

Another Brilliant Idea

The world abounds with new ideas – who can honestly say they've never had a brilliant idea? I know I can’t. But which of us can also say that we've put our ideas into practice? "There," as someone once said, “’s the rub." So how do we get our ideas off the ground? How do we find someone interested enough or rich enough to finance them? Well, in most cases, we don’t. We just give up.

However, the more we share our ideas, the greater the likelihood is that we’ll find someone with a similar passion and, if we’re lucky, the financial wherewithal to help us get our ideas up and running. Our blog is called ABI, which stands for Another Brilliant Idea. The blog is about bringing together like-minded ideas-builders to make ideas reality sooner!

Inventors sometimes assume that theirs is “only such idea out there” and tend to be possessive about it; but the chances are that 149 other people have had the same idea and may already be working on it. In a way, if people come up with the same idea at the same time, it’s a positive sign. It can boost your confidence and encourage you to innovate and perfect your own idea. Consider a recent story about scientist Michael Levin. He’s exploring the body’s regeneration ability through specialized electrical stimulation. If ten other “Levins” around the world had been exploring the same thing, who knows, maybe people would already be re-growing their worn out limbs and organs.

Revolutionary ideas can take years to be accepted into the mainstream, but having others in your space can help educate your potential clients and drive them faster to your offering.

While it may seem like there’s no space left on the market anymore, when you look at the scope of ideas in the technology space, the world is actually becoming bigger, as more businesses are launched and more users around the world join the connected community.

Finally, people like having a choice. Some are mad about iPhones others would kill for an Android. If you do a good job and your competitor does the same, it’s not the end of the world. The question becomes how much more valuable can your implementation be to your target audience, how much better are you going to be at expanding and supporting it?

If you have an idea, and you hold on to it like a miser, don’t be surprised when you read in six months’ time about someone who had the same idea and is now a multimillionaire. It would be better to share the news and get like-minded people to join you to help realize your vision and make it happen. And, with that in mind, we leave you the following words of wisdom, attributed to Thomas A. Edison (the lucky man who invented the light bulb before 149 of his contemporaries): “Vision without execution is hallucination."

Rachel, Dmitry, & Dan

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