Friday, October 17, 2014

Unleash a Little Magic at Work and Outside of it This Halloween

As a new startup, you are creating your culture even before your bring your first employee on board. What will it feel like to work at your company? Is the environment laid back and relaxed? Is it formal and structured? A combination of both? Whatever may be the case the "ambiance" of your workplace will ultimately translate into the experiences your customers will get. Guess what, you get to take the first step in making your workplace warm and inviting. What better time to start something putting a smile on people’s faces than during Halloween?
 Halloween celebrations can range from a fun pot-luck lunch, a Halloween costume competition, and watching movies like Ghostbusters or Hocus Pokus, to a bit more gregarious trick-or-treat pilgrimages to the neighboring offices, outings in the bar, and an occasional prank or two. There are also ways to bring holidays to those less fortunate by bringing a holiday fare to a nearby nursing home or homeless shelter. There are plenty of great Halloween ideas out there to fit every corporate culture. What’s works for you?

Holiday celebrations can not only build lasting memories and bring your employees together, but also build stronger relationships with your clients and prospects. Halloween is one of the best opportunities in a course of the year to connect with the world outside the office. Just about everyone would welcome the opportunity to bring a little fun and excitement into their day. So don’t forget to share your Halloween stories by email or social media to allow others to partake in the fun. Just make sure no one will get offended if a photo of your bearded network administrator dressed a Little Red Riding Hood makes it to your company Facebook page.

Speaking of which, it is important to set some expectations on what constitutes acceptable behavior and lead by example. The goal is to provide a positive and fun experience for everyone on the team. Some of the considerations include deciding whether to serve alcohol on premises during working hours, being considerate of noise, and staying clear of costumes that could be inappropriate or offensive.

Also keep in mind that some employees may want to celebrate by getting together with their friends and families after work. Thus, planning an after-work corporate outing on October 31st will eventually backfire for some employees and stop being inclusive. Finally, some other considerations include gifts and giveaways as a way of saying "thank you" and to encourage some competitive spirit in your team.

What is the most spook-tacular Halloween celebration you’ve ever seen? Share your story below… Photographic evidence encouraged. The winner will win a bleeding heart cake sent to your office this Halloween.

Rachel & the team

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